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3 Steps to Structure Your Video Introductions

17th December 2018
A step by step guide to creating the perfect video introduction, the likes of which will leave your candidates dazzled!   
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Does video work in Executive Search? MG Search think so!

16th November 2018
MG Search in partnership, with Hinterview, is taking headhunting into the digital era by offering a challenger brand to the typical executive search model.
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3 tips to make your video voicemails stand out

12th November 2018
Does anyone look forward to making cold calls?
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How Craft Beer, Da Vinci and Gaming Changed Recruitment

30th April 2018
  Despite being over 500 years old and written to win the attention of a regent, the first official CV still carries a message for today’s job seekers and recruiters.[…]

Video Software for Recruitment Sounds Great… But How Do I Use it?

4th April 2018
Investing in recruitment technology isn’t enough. Agencies need to educate, implement and measure its use at ground level if it’s to really deliver the returns it’s[…]

Interviews Are Costing Recruiters

5th March 2018
A good chunk of interviewers, myself included, will say that we often know within ninety seconds of meeting a candidate whether we’ll hire them or not. The next hour or[…]

The CV is Dead. Long Live the CV!

5th February 2018
Put the pitchforks away the CV isn’t dead, but it is changing. When people start entertaining the idea of a job move they first update their LinkedIn, ready their[…]

How Technology Will Win Your Agency Retained Work in 2018

17th January 2018
By opening paid-when-placed recruitment up to a number of agencies you start a race to the bottom in terms of service. When there’s a question mark hovering over[…]

[infographic] Innovations in Video Software are Changing Recruitment

11th December 2017
Check out our latest infographic detailing why video software will change recruitment. If you’re interested in learning more, click here to book a free demo!

Video Introductions will Change the way we Recruit in 2018

17th November 2017
Video Introductions will Change the way we Recruit in 2018 The CV has changed drastically since Da Vinci first put it on the map five-hundred years ago. Once it reached[…]
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