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[Case Study] How to win and retain new business with Hinterview

In this case study, Hawk 3 Talent Solutions shares about working in a competitive and highly saturated market. Like most businesses, they have worked hard to build value propositions that differentiate themselves from their competitors. However, their differentiators are difficult to articulate before a sales call is answered. They realised that they needed to get creative, specifically with their initial engagement because capturing attention early is vital. 

Founded in 2016 with two main hubs in the southwest (Gloucester) and the midlands. You might know them better as Gap Professional, but were re-branded to Hawk 3 Talent Solutions in April 2021.

Who are Hawk 3 Talent Solutions

  • Location: (UK) Worcester, Leeds & South Wales
  • Features: Full Hinterview Platform
  • Results: Winning new clients, upselling to existing relationships and increasing response rates

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Hinterview x Hawk 3 Talent Solutions Case Study

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