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What is video recruitment?

26th November 2020
Video recruitment refers to any part of the recruitment process which uses video recruitment technology. With seismic shifts happening in the world of work,[…]
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6 video recording fears that recruiters can easily overcome

27th October 2020
With Halloween just around the corner, what better time to face those video interviewing and video recording fears head on!

Hinterview raises £1.47m during Covid-19 pandemic as demand for video soars

23rd October 2020
The Hinterview team are thrilled to announce that we've raised £1.47m in venture finance as demand for our technology has soared in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
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6 top tips for managing high candidate volumes efficiently

11th September 2020
We all saw THAT article from the BBC where one job received almost 1,000 applicants in one day. With so many qualified candidates out there looking for roles, how can[…]
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11 top tips to transform your business development with video

25th August 2020
Back in the office and in need of some winning ideas to kickstart your BD? Look no further. Here are 11 ways you can take your BD to the next level – all of which can be[…]
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3 things we learned from crowdfunding

18th August 2020
In a world where remote is now the norm, our video interviewing software has the chance to become one of the few growth stories of COVID-19.
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"Why use Hinterview when I’ve already got Teams?”

27th July 2020
Whether it’s a work meeting, speaking to your Nan, or weekly Pilates, COVID-19 has accelerated the use of video to a point of no return. Even when we reach a time when[…]
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Hinterview welcomes 150 new investors!

24th July 2020
After just 15 days, we've reached 95% of our Crowdfunding target, and are very proud to be able to welcome 150+ new investors to Hinterview. 

How has Hinterview impacted business at MM search?

3rd July 2020
About MM Search and Hinterview’s partnership MM Search have been working with Hinterview for over 2 years, and they have had great success using the platform. We asked[…]
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...and we're off! Hinterview's Crowdfunding campaign is now live (in private mode)

2nd July 2020
At 9:00 on Wednesday 1st July, Hinterview's crowdfunding campaign went live! Despite a few teething problems (these things are never as simple as they seem!), our first[…]
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