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Email Campaigns

Send campaigns efficiently and get live playback analytics

Share your video content and save time using our super simple workflow, optimised for recruitment. 

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Work more efficiently

Share video content using our easy-to-use email campaigns

Achieve mass outreach

Our simple workflows enable mass outreach in just a few clicks 

Use with candidates and clients

Target clients and request videos from candidates in one tool

Easy-to-use marketing machine

Campaigns is your own marketing communication and analysis machine.

  • Share one and two-way video content efficiently with groups of clients and candidates.
  • Get instant notifications when someone reads your message, clicks on a video thumbnail, or watches a video.
  • View a dashboard of live open and click-through rates and see who's engaging in real time.

Keep candidates and clients engaged throughout the process with quick, intelligent follow-up.

Easy-to-use marketing machine

Further streamline your processes

Send a Questions Campaign to further streamline your processes. Those who respond promptly will demonstrate their desire for the position, their ability to perform against benchmarks and reduce the number of applications to review.

Streamline processes

Use with candidates and clients

Use with candidates to:

  • Attract applications
  • Assess using questions
  • Share with clients using Hinterview

Use with clients to:

  • Engage more business
  • Target specific groups

"Fantastic and super easy to use. The customer service and training has been exceptional from the start. It's been a great feature to really add value to our clients, helping them to save time and money in the full candidate journey."

PRG Recruit

"Amazing system which offers so many benefits not only to recruiters but also applicants and clients too."

Tate Recruitment

"We've used Hinterview as part of our recruitment process for over a year now and our clients love it! I can't imagine a world of recruitment without Hinterview... and I can't imagine working with another video interview company. Their product and service is faultless!"

Zetter Recruitment

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