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Video Introductions will Change the way we Recruit in 2018

17th November 2017
Video Introductions will Change the way we Recruit in 2018 The CV has changed drastically since Da Vinci first put it on the map five-hundred years ago. Once it reached[…]

AI – The first real threat to recruitment?

4th September 2017
Recruiters have heard it all before; The internet, the emergence of the job board, LinkedIn, and Facebook were all technological milestones that were destined to kill[…]

Video is taking over the world

21st July 2017
Adaptation and evolution are vital for a business to grow if you refuse then you will stagnate and most likely fail. Taking advantage of fads will only get you so far,[…]

Hinterview is Shortlisted for ‘Recruitment Technology Innovation of the Year’

2nd March 2017
Hinterview is delighted to announce that we have made the shortlist for the 2017 Recruiter Awards for ‘Recruitment Technology Innovation of the Year’. The nomination at[…]

Video Interviewing – The Proof is in the Results

17th January 2017
This month, Hinterview brings you a guest blog from one of our users, Nigel Fox, who is a Director & Founder at Annapurna Recruitment. Annapurna Recruitment is an HR, IT[…]

Cast your mind back to 2005

13th April 2016
Facebook is just over 1-year-old, LinkedIn has barely started, and Tom Cruise was jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa. Machine Learning was just a phrase the smart kids[…]
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