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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

6th May 2020
Long before COVID-19, video interviewing was pushing its way to the forefront of the recruitment process. However, with the world going into lockdown, that ‘push’ has[…]

COVID-19: A Letter From The Hinterview Founders

18th March 2020
To our friends in recruitment,

Remote Working: Coronavirus or just 2020?

11th March 2020
Due to recent global health concerns, companies all over the world are implementing work from home and remote working policies.
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Is a CSR strategy really that important?

26th February 2020
The days of running a business solely for profit are behind us and if you haven’t tapped into the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) now is the time to[…]

2020: The Era of the Agency Apocalypse!! Cool your jets, we’ve been here before…

23rd January 2020
How many times has the recruitment agency apocalypse been predicted at this stage? Three? Four? The internet, job boards, LinkedIn & more recently, AI bots were all[…]
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Video Job Descriptions Attract Top Talent

26th June 2019
ManPower Group recently surveyed nearly 40,000 people across 43 countries. The results revealed, large UK companies with more than 250 employees have the most difficulty[…]
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The Top Recruitment Agencies Are Using These Innovative Methods

19th June 2019
If you’re looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage, you’ve come to the right place. This blog was written for the recruitment business owners who want to grow,[…]
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Video Is Not The Future Of Recruitment

14th June 2019
Video isn’t the future of recruitment, it’s the right now.
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Get More Followers on Your Company's LinkedIn Page

5th June 2019
Hands up if you're posting, following, liking and sharing on LinkedIn but getting nothing in return. We know it's frustrating, but we're here to help. This blog is for[…]
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Six Recruitment Marketing Trends You Need to Implement in 2019

30th May 2019
To all the recruiters who think their jobs are getting harder. You’re not going crazy. A survey by Monster Jobs found that 62 percent of recruiters feel that their jobs[…]
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