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Hinterview Hints: Overcoming the fear of video

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As the video experts were covering solutions we often come across when introducing our video recruitment platform to new users.

In this video, we’re sharing valuable tips on how to acknowledge and overcome your fears surrounding being on camera. Fear not! This is a common objection we hear, but since we've worked with 1000s of recruiters we're confident that it is easy to cure. You'll find top tips for getting started, why you're not shooting for perfection, and how to advise your candidates. Plus, you'll get attainable steps you can use in your strategy today and how to adapt in the future.

Watch below to get top tips from Hinterview Customer Success Manager, Finn Tribe, or read below to get an overview of the valuable information he shares. 


Overcoming the fear of video starts with...

As a recruiter, you're almost certain to experience a video interview at some point in the recruiting process. And video is being increasingly useful for the purposes of outreach and candidate presentation by recruiters themselves. With that in mind and to keep you ahead of the curve, you will want to get over all your nerves as soon as possible.

It can be daunting and it’s important to know that no one's an expert straight away, but it really is much simpler than you think. And as always, practice makes perfect. Time and time again, we find that despite the clear benefits of building video in your process, nerves or fear of getting on camera can be a barrier to entry.

It's an objection that our team has helped hundreds of recruiters overcome. Subsequently allowing recruiters to successfully utilise video has increased billing's, helped get promotions, and built businesses.

Why ‘perfect’ is not the goal 

Since joining the Hinterview team, being comfortable with video has been something I've had to learn to overcome. The most important take-home is to acknowledge that you are your own worst critic, and the videos do not have to be perfect. The beauty of video is that it's human.

Keep in mind these vital points: 

  1. People buy from people. 
  2. People connect to people. 
  3. Don't be robotic and don't be obsessed with perfection.
    4. There's nothing human about being perfect.
    5. Allow yourself to be genuine as if you are having a conversation face-to-face and don't obsess over every little detail. 

One or two takes can make a huge difference, especially when you're starting off. If you find that you’re on take 15 then you've probably taken it a little too far. 

Think of your video introductions or if you're a Hinterview user, Hintros, as a video voicemail. Would you constantly rerecord if you ‘ummed’ and ‘erred’ a little bit? No, you wouldn't. Likewise with your video content. Don't stress too much over the small things.  

Don’t give up on video 

As a disclaimer, you might hate the sound of your own voice. Almost every person thinks their voice sounds weird when it's played back to them. This is just something that you have to overcome. If you want reassurance, ask a friend or a colleague to listen. And I guarantee you, they will put your mind at ease.  

Equally, what you look like, whether you've had your hair done, shaved, you've got a full face of makeup or no makeup. No one cares! The content is the most important thing about your video. They're listening to what you're saying and not judging you based on your appearance. 

If they are, you probably don't want to be working with them anyway. Of course, if you were in a comedy hat, or shirtless drinking a pint, that might have some impact. Just be sensible. You can make high-quality recruitment videos just by being consistent and professional. 

Whether your background looks like an office or not is also another common objection that we get, particularly as the workforce is working remotely. As we all know; remote working has been fully normalised and as long as your background is tidy and not distracting then I wouldn't worry about it.  

Advising your candidates 

Once you've implemented this advice yourself, we highly recommend you pass these reassurances onto your candidates to enhance their overall experience. As many of them will have the exact same reservations, remind them that perfection isn't natural and that striving for it can make you look anxious, stiff and unapproachable, all at the detriment of the performance of an interview. 

It should be an opportunity to show that personality and true self and complement the CV beautifully. They should really give the employer an idea of how well they'll really fit into a team.  

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How to use this Hinterview Hint today 

Practice recording yourself doing a video interview or introduction. Watch the video back and ask someone else to watch it and provide feedback for next time. Practice makes perfect so do keep trying! Being comfortable on video is a muscle that you have to keep building in order to get stronger. 

Want to speak to one of our video experts or learn more about how video recruitment can help your business grow? Click the button below to schedule a call today.

Using video in your recruitment strategy 

We really hope you found this Hinterview Hint useful. Hinterview is a platform created by recruiters for recruiters that offers a suite of world-class video tools to enhance every aspect of a recruiter's life. 

From Hintro our one-way video outreach tool underpinned by open analytics to Hinterview our two-way recorded interview. Plus, a whole range of other features, such as video campaigns, the client portal and our upcoming job application system.  

Video is here to stay, and our tools are proven to increase candidate attraction, win new business, build more meaningful relationships and reduce time to hire by up to 70%. 

If you want to find out more about Hinterview and how it can help your business maximise its potential with video, please book a demo to learn more! 

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