Video recruitment: what is it and how does it work?

Written by: Nellie · Nov 26, 2020

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Video recruitment refers to any part of the recruitment process which uses video recruitment technology. With seismic shifts happening in the world of work, organisations across the globe are realising that video is no longer a nice to have – it is an essential part of a successful recruitment strategy.

What do we know about the impact of video in recruitment?

  • 72% people use video to learn about a service
  • Video in email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate
  • Job adverts with video have a 34% greater application rate
  • 83% candidates prefer video interviews to face-to-face
  • 80% of hiring managers now want video as part of the recruitment process
  • Companies using video decrease time to hire by up to 70%
  • Companies are 2.7x more likely to improve their cost per hire using video interviews 

Is video recruitment just about video interviewing?

Using video as part of the recruitment process isn’t just about the final video interview. Video enhances every stage of the recruitment process.

Here are 5 ways you can use video as part of the recruitment process.

1. Boost your personal brand

As a recruiter, you can boost your personal brand by recording videos that demonstrate your expertise and premium service offering – all of which can be shared on LinkedIn and with hot prospects.

2. Create a video job advert

As a recruiter, you can create a video job advert outlining the role. It’s much more engaging than a text-only description so will catch the eye of high-calibre candidates. You can also invite top candidates to submit a video introduction in response.

3. Ask candidates to answer pre-set questions

Once you have a list of top candidates, you can invite them to submit videos of themselves answering key questions which will draw out aspects of the selection criteria.

4. Review candidates’ answers

You can review candidates’ answers in your own time. You can share easily with hiring managers too. 

5. Interview the top candidates

Schedule two-way video interviews with the top candidates. These can be recorded and shared with hiring managers so they can review in their own time.  

What are the benefits of video recruitment?

Using video as part of the recruitment process doesn’t just benefit recruiters, it benefits candidates too.

For recruiters

  • Meet the real person behind the CV. In a world where we use video for just about every form of communication out there, doesn’t it seem outdated to be using text-only formats for job applications? Gain a better understanding of the person behind the CV with video.
  • Hire quickly and efficiently. The savings related to travel speak for themselves. But outside of travel, there are a whole host of other efficiencies – everything is stored in one place, you can review candidates in your own time, and hiring managers can review in their own time too.
  • Save time and money on selecting applicants. Using video decreases time to hire by up to 70%! If you save three hours per candidate, think about what that equates to per year. Thousands of hours!
  • Increase transparency and reduce unconscious bias. Involve more people in the process and adopt a more open approach to hiring the best candidates.
  • Improve employer branding. A bad reputation is almost impossible to recover from. Build the best reputation by providing a world-class experience for both clients and candidates – and that positivity will spread to new clients and candidates too.

For candidates

  • Allow candidates to share their story. Give people a chance to be more than just words on a CV.
  • Show candidates company culture. What better way to show company culture than to show a video of the hiring manager describing the position?
  • Provide a positive candidate experience. By providing an efficient, quick process, candidates are less likely to get frustrated and drop out or accept an offer elsewhere. 

Top 3 myths about video recruitment - debunked

Myth 1: Video recruitment is just another word for video interviews.

As described above, video recruitment is about much more than just video interviews. Video recruitment involves the entire recruitment process, from building employer branding, video job adverts, selection and review.

Myth 2: Video recruitment is hard to set up.

As with implementing any new technology into a business, high quality integration and onboarding is essential. Once implemented properly, video recruitment technology will improve efficiencies, reducing cost and time to hire.

Myth 3: Video recruitment will put off candidates.

Research shows that 83% of candidates prefer video as a format, so this just isn’t true. As with face-to-face interviews, some candidates may be nervous, but with proper preparation there is no reason why video interviews would put candidates off.

Tips and tricks for successful video recruitment

For recruiters

  • Try a regular ‘power hour’. Pick a time each week dedicated to creating videos for business development.
  • Aim for a targeted approach. Pick a topic/reason for a series of videos and record them in one session so that you’re really focused on that one pain point or need.
  • Hot jobs/candidates of the month. Create a pattern for your audience by creating regular video content each month on a similar topic.
  • Golden nugget candidate. Identify a stand-out candidate and share a video of them to your top 5 clients.
  • Client testimonial. Once a month as a different client to record a video with you talking about your experience.
  • Service introduction. Ask a top candidate to record a video with you that you can share with your market to demonstrate your premium service and market expertise.

But most of all...try and enjoy it! The best videos aren't always the most polished and perfected - they are the ones where you get a real sense of the person behind the camera, so make sure to show off your personality and individuality as much as you can. And most importantly, be yourself!

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