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Business development tips: how to win more with video

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Back in the office and in need of some winning ideas to kickstart your BD? Look no further. Here are 11 ways you can take your BD to the next level – all of which can be achieved by using Hinterview, the award-winning video engagement software for recruiters.

1. Offer a premium service that your competitors can’t

Why would a client choose you over someone else? Identify your USP and shout it from the rooftops. 

Number 1

Hinterview's suite of video tools helps you to stand out in a crowded market and is your USP over competitors. Hinterview's video software can be used to secure exclusivity, retainers, and higher fees by offering a premium service and adding value for clients.

2. Use video to showcase your unique service and market knowledge

Social posts which include video get 5x more engagement compared with text-only posts. And emails that include video get a 300% better engagement rate. So there's no excuse to not be using video!

A Hinterview can be used as a business development tool. Simply record a Hinterview with a colleague to showcase exactly how you use video interviewing to qualify candidates. Demonstrate how you provide a quality service to clients that they won’t find anywhere else!

3. Create super engaging video job descriptions

Don’t limit yourself to candidate video interviews - jump on a Hinterview with existing clients too! Create engaging online job descriptions that will catch the attention of the very best candidates.

4. Demonstrate communication skills using video

Words on a page can never give you as much insight into someone's communication skills as seeing someone speak, whether that's in person or over video. 

Use Hinterviews to sell your candidates and showcase their cultural fit and communication skills - these are usually the two most important factors to consider when hiring that cannot be demonstrated in action through words on a page. 

5. Use video for engaging intros – no more cold calls!

Using video in messages increases engagement by up to 300%! Using a Hintro is a far more engaging way to introduce yourself, and allows you to show off your personality and communication skills. We recommend that introductions are kept to under 50 seconds for optimum engagement.

6. Hook, Sell and Call-to-Action

We’d recommend Hook, Sell and Call-to-Action as a winning structure for BD videos. Plan what you’re going to include in each section and deliver clearly and concisely in that order.

7. Use channels specific to your market

Hintros work across multiple platforms (Linkedin, emails, job boards) – but that doesn’t mean that multiple platforms will work for you and your market. Always test and assess each channel to optimise your performance and ROI.

8. Be creative and think outside the box!

Did you see a great article you’d like to share? Did you attend an event that you’d like to reflect on? Have you got a high-volume role that needs mass attention? Did you interview an A-class candidate that just needs to be shown to your top 5 prospects? Record a Hintro for ALL of these and maximise engagement within your network!

9. Tier your services

Think of your clients in categories of Bronze = contingent, Silver = exclusive and Gold = retained. Consider how you can use your USP and premium services to move clients through these categories.

For example, as part of your silver package, you could offer first stage interviewing as well as live pre-screened candidates ready for shortlisting. As a retained service, you could offer the chance to invite your client into their very own portal, enabling them to be as hands-on as they wish.

10. Be yourself 


So we’re not all DiCaprio on camera. Sadly. But that doesn't mean you can't record great videos. Try to be as comfortable and natural as you can and most importantly, be yourself. Try not to overthink it and record too many takes. The first or second takes tend to be the best!

11. Think BIG!

Go hard or go home, right? Think BIG when it comes to reaching out. Send a Hintro Campaign in bulk to as many prospects as possible. Recruitment is a numbers game, so think big and you’ll have more opportunity to succeed!

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What is Hinterview?

stockimage_guy in tshirt with laptop 03 (2) (1)

Hinterview is our best-in-class live 2-way interviewing platform.

  • Screen candidates before you send CVs to potential/current clients
  • Record online qualifications for candidate submissions
  • Conduct interviews
  • Present interviews to clients (reducing time to hire by 50%!)
  • Stand out by offering a premium service
  • Gain valuable insight into candidates’ communication and interpersonal skills with video

All Hinterviews can be shared via email, Linkedin, Whatsapp, job boards and other social media platforms with a click of a button.

What is Hintro?

Hintro is our revolutionary video engagement tool which allows recruiters to record quick, effective videos that can then be sent to clients, prospects, and candidates.

  1. Approach new clients in a warm and friendly way. Say goodbye to cold calling!
  2. Market your brand by creating bespoke video content (documents can be easily displayed alongside videos too!)
  3. Send out on social media, job boards, emails & WhatsApp with a click of a button
  4. Use to spec in candidates to clients
  5. Headhunt candidates
  6. Generate new business


What are Candidate Questions, Campaigns, and the Client Portal?

Candidate questions

Candidates can record answers to pre-screened questions and submit them straight to the recruiter

Client Portal

Invite your client into their very own platform ‘bubble’ within Hinterview to view interviews, leave comments and conduct live second/third stage interviews

Campaigns (or mailshots)

Send a mass email to potential new clients, or headhunt a large group of top candidates

Start transforming your BD strategy with video today! 

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