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What is a video campaign and how to be sure it's successful

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Running a video campaign is exciting, especially if it’s your first time. Unlike one-on-one calls or e-mails, video campaigns allow you to reach a larger target audience and gauge interest a lot quicker. Although this is appealing to a lot of people, it can be daunting to know where to start and how to set up your video campaign. 

Video prospecting is a great way to switch up your business development. In a saturated recruitment market, you should aim to go above and beyond with your efforts to capture the attention of clients and candidates alike. 

We’re going to break down what a video campaign is with Hinterview as well as how to ensure its success. Our Campaigns tool is available in both the Video Outreach and Talent Delivery solutions.  

It allows you to do the following:

  • Share video content at scale - to thousands of recipients if relevant
  • Share multiple different video types:

    • One-way videos (eg of you explaining your offering, for BD purposes_
    • Share video profiles of candidates
  • Ask questions of candidates (eg asynchronous interviewing) at scale, say for volume recruiting.
  • Get instant notifications when someone reads your message, clicks on a video thumbnail, or watches a video.
  • View a dashboard of live open and click-through rates and see who's engaging in real-time.

How can you prep to ensure that your video campaign is a success?

The reality is that everybody wants to have a positive experience with a new platform or piece of technology. However, there are things you need to put in place to ensure that your video campaign will have some degree of success, which will set you up well for future campaigns as well as give you confidence when using Hinterview.

Be a responsible mass-emailer

When running a video campaign, or any campaign which involves mass-emailing, you want to ensure that the content you’re sending is relevant to the recipients. If you send a video to 300 people with no research or segmentation of contacts, you’re probably going to annoy a few people! Nobody wants to feel like they’re being spammed, and there’s a fine line between gauging someone's interest and then annoying them. For your first campaign, be responsible about who you’re going to include.

We highly recommend organising your data first.

Know your target market

There’s no point in having organised data if the data in question isn’t really your target market. This goes without saying, but know who your decision makers are and know who is going to have an impact if you can connect with them. Clean data doesn’t necessarily equal good quality data - remind yourself of this before engaging someone or a group of people in a campaign. 

Be realistic with your first campaign

Simplicity is key! Think of what your business development goals are and pick an initial video to complement this. For example, your target may be to reach out to 25 new hiring managers a week. So, be diligent with your data collection and try and make each group of hiring managers similar. 

For example: company size, seniority, and years with an organisation. That way, your video can reach the right “focus group” of people and have some impact. You can then measure the performance and rinse and repeat the following week! Trying to reach out to 500+ people for your first campaign simply isn’t going to work. Build up your experience and understanding, see what works, and then grow bigger with each campaign.

Don’t underestimate a great follow-up

Simply sending one video in a campaign isn’t going to generate life-changing results. Just like you would with calls and follow-up emails, ensure that you have a 2-3 step process for each campaign to maximise your results. 

When you feel comfortable - take risks!

Whether it’s switching up your content to be more fun and playful, or targeting a different focus group that takes you out of your comfort zone, in the long run, try taking risks with your campaigns and switching up your approach. The more comfortable you are with video, the more likely you are to try out-of-the-box ideas. 

Finally, don’t forget your Call To Action (CTA)

What do you want the next step to be after someone has viewed your video? Giving a clear call to action such as “book a call with me here” or “for more information click here” to encourage the individual a prompt to continue engaging with you.

What's Next

Mastering video campaigns with Hinterview is a transformative journey for business development. By responsibly emailing and understanding your target market, you lay the foundation for success. Setting realistic goals and implementing impactful follow-ups ensure sustained engagement. Embrace risk and experimentation to evolve your video approach.

Remember, a compelling Call To Action seals the deal, guiding viewers toward meaningful interaction. With these strategies, you'll not only conquer your first campaign but also set the stage for continuous growth and innovation in your outreach endeavours.

If you have any questions about video campaigns and how it fits into your strategy. Book a call with our team.


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