Video Is Not The Future Of Recruitment

14th June 2019

Video isn’t the future of recruitment, it’s the right now.

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You could say, video has shot from a proverbial cannon and landed smack bang in the middle of the recruitment world.

Disagree? Let us tell you exactly how modern recruitment agencies are winning more business and pitching higher fees than ever before, in under two minutes.

1. Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement

Using video in LinkedIn InMail has been shown to increase engagement rates by a whopping 800%. Ah, the joys (financial gains) of being noticed!

2. Engage Passive Candidates

Thanks to the current candidate-driven market, top talent is inundated with headhunting emails on the daily. Most of these generic emails are ignored or deleted. Headhunt with video – now you’re standing out.

3. Rank Higher in Google

Google has a big fat crush on video. Thanks to this favouritism, if you host a video on your website, you can boost your organic traffic from search engine results by 157%

4. Shorten Your Hiring Time

First stage interviews are a waste of time. By replacing them with a short video interview, not only do you give the hiring manager control of who they invite for face-to-face interviews, you can shorten the recruitment to hire time by 70%

5. Increase Your Social Sharing

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but no one is sharing your written job adverts. Why? Because they’re boring, it’s time to spice them up! Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than the text version. 

6. Win More Retained Business

Stop trying to explain to your clients why you’re better than your competition, show ‘em! You finally have a tangible USP that will make any recruiter confident enough to pitch for, and win retained business.

7. Increase Your Relevance Amongst Millennials

Millennials want video and they want it now. Job seekers are obsessed with video, which means your agency needs to be too. Did you know, Millennials aged 26 to 35 years watch 10 to 20 hours of video per week! 

8. Empower Your Biggest Advocates

Every recruitment agency has its die-hard employees. Now you can put a megaphone right in the palm of their hands. Let your most enthusiastic team members spread the word with their nifty new tool.

9. Reduce Your Send Out to Placement Ratio

Video has been shown to reduce the send out to placement ratio to 3:1. Video makes it easier to send only the most qualified candidates to the hiring manager. Happy client, happy life!

10. Boost Your Brand Awareness

It’s no lie in saying the recruitment industry has lagged a little when it comes to brand marketing and reputation management. But it’s 2019 and agencies are picking up their feet. Agencies are focusing on creating a positive online presence, and in effect, drawing in more candidates.

11. Hold onto Your Team

The recruiters who are experiencing success using video aren’t keeping quiet about it. You only need to take a scroll through your LinkedIn feed to spot hundreds of recruiters embracing video. Stop your team from getting a wandering eye by giving them the tools they need to be the best.

12. Reduce Candidate Drop Out

60% of candidates abandon the recruitment journey because of its length. Video not only cuts out time-consuming steps, but it also allows you to make a stronger bond with your candidate, leading them to be more invested in you!

13. Stop Surprises at the Face-to-Face Stage

There’s nothing worse than sending what you thought was a perfect candidate to a face-to-face interview, only for them to be the completely wrong fit. A third of business decide within 90 seconds on whether to hire. Put the control in the hiring managers hands from the start.

14. Start More Conversations

Starting conversations can be difficult. Making promotional videos for your website and social media channels, as well as, using video to introduce yourself to prospective candidates and clients is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to spark conversations with the right people.

15. Humanise Your Brand

Using content to humanise your brand is tough. You either need to invest in a copywriter or attempt to do it yourself. But even the best copywriters in the world find exposing the personality of a brand difficult. Video simplifies it. You just need a willing speaker and a camera.

16. Tap into Mobile Scrollers

The decade of the smartphone is in full swing. The average person in the UK spends more than a day a week online. So, we as a business need to leverage the channels that people are spending their time on. And how best to stand out? You guessed it!

17. Make a Lasting Impression

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Now not only are you standing out, but the content you’re delivering is also being absorbed and remembered! Double whammy!

18. Don’t Get Left Behind

87% of online marketers use video content. If your agency currently isn’t using video at all, you need to get a move on. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to catch up to the agencies who have been consistently ticking away at it. Don’t be overshadowed by competitors just because they’re louder than you.

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