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Video interview fears and how to overcome them

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It's time to face those video interviewing and video recording fears head on!

We asked our expert Customer Success Team to share the common video recording fears they often hear about from both Hinterview users and candidates, along with their top-notch tips on how to abolish those fears for good. 

Fear 1: “My video needs to be perfect 

You’re on take 15 of a pre-recorded video and you’re STILL not happy with that pause, that smile, or that sign off. Guess what? Hintros don’t need to be perfect!

The Hinterview platform is designed to enhance the human to human connection, and what’s human about being 100% perfect? Nothing! Allow yourself to be genuine, as if you were having a conversation face-to-face, and don’t obsess over every detail 

Saying that, sometimes one or two practice runs can make a huge difference. But three takes is where we recommend that you try and draw a line. And don’t forget that Hinterview has a brilliant cropping feature, so if you do accidently pull a weird face at the end, you can easily edit it out.  

Fear 2: “If my video doesn’t get 100+ likes it's a failure 

It’s tempting to obsess over likes and views. But who is watching your video is far more important than number of likes and views! Try setting a specific, targeted objective – it could be getting 10 people in your target audience to engage with the post, or maybe you’re looking to make first connection with a specific company on your business development list. Assess performance against specific objectives rather than focusing too much on vanity stats that aren’t always a true reflection of success.  

Fear 3: “My voice sounds weird 

We all think our own voice sounds weird. Fact. If you want some reassurance, ask a colleague or friend to listen to your video. Guarantee they will say you don’t sound weirdListen to that friend and move on! 

Fear 4: “My background doesn’t look like the office”  

In the world of remote work, everyone’s home office looks different. And that can take some getting used to. But whether you’ve got a bookcase, an empty wall, or a kitchen behind you, if it’s tidy and not causing any distractions, don’t worry too much about it. If you’re not sure, why not ask a colleague whether they find it distracting? Try to remember that using video for recruitment is a way to enhance the human to human connection, so personal touches (including your dog, within reason) can really help to build relationships in new, sometimes surprising ways! 

Hinterview - video interview

Fear 5: “They won’t like my approach”  

Video interviewing is changing the way recruitment works all over the world. But not everyone is on the same level in terms of video adoption yet. Will the person you’re reaching out to be a video fan? It’s hard to know in advance. But over-thinking whether the person receiving the video will like the approach or not isn’t going to get you anywhere fast. Give it a go and then ask for feedback. We always say that some feedback (good or bad) is better than no feedback!  

Fear 6: “I’ve haven’t had my hair done!” 

With another possible lockdown on the horizon, getting our hair done may become more difficult. But we’re all in it together! And you probably think it looks worse than it does. Throw on a pair of headphones (great way to cover up a tired do), and just get recording. Starting is often the hardest part, then the rest will all fall into place.  


For more advice on getting started with video, get in touch with our expert team, or request a demo below. We'd love to hear from you! 


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