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Interviews Are Costing Recruiters

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A good chunk of interviewers, myself included, will say that we often know within ninety seconds of meeting a candidate whether we’ll hire them or not.

The next hour or so leaves them with enough rope to undo that impression or cement it. It remains that we often know pretty quickly whether they’re a good fit.

How many times have clients levelled accusations at recruiters of unsuitable candidates being sent to their doors?

If it’s any (and they’re justified) then it’s more than it should be in 2018.

Sending the wrong candidates to interview costs everyone more than they realise. Courtesy interviews divert your time and resources away from revenue growing actions and also prevent the right candidates from getting a look-in.

Recruitment is accelerating and every additional step in the process or backwards move costs agencies and their clients.

How do you address the problem?

It comes down to better briefs and better screening.

That said, recruiters simply don’t have the time to meet each prospect, the detail to look past a 2D CV or the ability to sufficiently prep a candidate via the phone.

Clever application of technology is there to address the wastage in recruitment and make the time recruiters have go further.

Video screening software tackles the aforementioned pain points head-on by getting facetime with a candidate before the interview and a more thorough screening approach in the process.

  • Video platforms allow you a deeper insight into how your candidate will perform in an interview scenario and the means to better prepare them for its reality.
  • A visual detail to accompany your candidate’s application, or portfolio, grants your clients a far better indication of their soft skills.
  • It bring the paper candidate to life and means the client is more likely to advance the right candidates to interview.
  • Time-to-hire costs businesses and in-turn levels pressure on a recruiter’s shoulders to deliver. By removing the unnecessary stages of preliminary interviews with video you’re accelerating the process.
  • By providing a script of client questions to cover in the video screening you can add structure to the interview and offset the free-flow discovery types of interviews that often trip candidates up.

Anything that accelerates the recruitment process, removes wastage and benefits client, candidate and recruiter should be worth further consideration.

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