3 Core Videos You Should Be Using

Written by: Alicia · Dec 15, 2023

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There are hundreds of different ways in which you can use video and benefit from it. However, the paradox of choice can feel overwhelming, especially if this is your first time using video. Many options can leave us stuck on even trying to start using video. So, we’ve decided to make things a little easier for you.

We’ve broken down the three core video types you should use as your foundation. Just like “the basics” you have in recruitment when on the phone, you’ve now got “the basics” - but for video!

1. Evergreen video content

Evergreen refers to content that doesn’t need to go out on a certain date to save you from having to re-recorded regularly. In essence, this video content includes an almost timeless message that can be refreshed once every 6 months or once a year.

What constitutes evergreen content? 

  • Testimonial and/or case studies: Testimonials and case studies are great ways to showcase your track record, and give potential clients a summary of your capabilities. Aiming to create short videos that highlight key projects that you’ve completed as well as a glowing review from your client can be used multiple times. This can be a lot more effective than bullet-pointing case studies and testimonials in a lengthy email. 

For example, if you want to share more about your expertise in a certain industry. In the video, you can share more about your industry knowledge and include some notable names that you’ve worked with as well as their testimonials. With Hintro, you can also attach a PDF with a case study.

  • General introduction to who you are: Just like an elevator pitch you’d perfect over the phone, creating a strong video introduction that you can use for prospecting purposes or even as a follow-up from a call can be an effective piece of video content. 

Aim to keep it around 30 seconds long. The only time you’d need to update this would be when receiving a promotion or if the video is a year old (simply because you may look different within that time). 

Two versions we suggest would be an introduction to a new candidate and then to a prospective client, as the tone would obviously be a bit different.

  • How you work with clients/your process: This is always going to stay the same. Providing a video on your process and how you like to work with clients is an invaluable piece of video content that you can use time and time again. 

You could even combine it with the above two videos so your prospective client(s) have all the information they need as a reference point. Detail how you approach partnerships and what a process typically looks like, and try to keep it short and sweet!

Maybe you have a deck prepared for this, a timeline visual or a checklist. Then attach that to your video, a feature include in our Video Outreach solution, and then then they can watch it in their own time.

  • Interview preparation: Although in some instances you may want to personalise your interview preparation, there will be times when a pre-recorded general interview prep video will be just as effective. This is a great option for candidates who may have little time or interviewing for multiple roles. 

It can be an excellent way to offer support to candidates and give them a great piece of video content as a reference point. This can also be effective if you have long-term partnerships with specific clients (for example, delivery consultants who work on large accounts). You can create a video that is client-specific but still considered evergreen due to the volume of work you do with them on an annual basis. 

Many of our customers do this and even expand the training post-offer. Giving advice on office etiquette, for entry-level candidates, or how to be efficient in the job. It’s a great way to maintain the relationship.

TIP: Some of our clients have also used our video to check in before a candidate’s start date (1 week), some use it for post-placement care and some use it on the day that the candidate has started. It’s completely up to you!

2 . One to Many

This refers to content that can be slightly more personalised to those within your network. You would be able to use this type of video content for multiple recipients within a specific window of time.

What constitutes one to many content?

  • Market-specific introduction: Let’s say for example you want to target Talent Acquisition Managers or a group of hiring managers who all share the same title; creating a market-specific introduction allows you to have a personalised approach whilst also giving you the option of sending this video out to a high volume of recipients. 
  • Candidate spec: When you’ve got an incredible candidate, getting them in front of as many hiring managers as possible is crucial so you can secure interviews. Sending out a candidate spec in the form of a video allows you to reach more people in a personalised manner, whilst also seeing who has viewed your video as well as how many times it’s been played. If you work in the US market, this is also known as your MPC (most placeable candidate). 
  • Job Spec: When you’ve got a hot job that you want to get in front of high-quality candidates, focus on sending it out as an informative bulletin to gauge interest. For example, let’s say you have a Finance Manager role available - send it to the top 50 FM’s that you have in your database.
  • Event invitation: Events are an excellent way of bringing people together and creating a high-quality networking experience for all. However, events are incredibly popular and you’ve got to be creative. Sending out an event invitation in the form of a video allows you to provide more information than you would in an email. It also gives you the option to see who has engaged with your video so you can gauge attendee lists earlier on.
  • Market update: Getting into the habit of sending a regular market update (bi-monthly or quarterly) is an excellent way to have an additional touchpoint with your market. This is also a piece of video content you can send to all hiring managers and talent teams within your chosen vertical. 

3 . One-to-one

This refers to content that is completely personalised and tailored to the individual who is receiving it. A bespoke video isn’t just about saying someone’s name, either. It could be showing your screen which features their LinkedIn or website. You could also be giving a personalised explanation of something they’ve asked for as a follow-up. 

What constitutes one-to-one content? 

  • Forensic prospecting: When you want to be detailed in your business development efforts, you can use forensic prospecting with video to target a previous client or candidate to re-engage them. Video can be a great tool for this, especially if you’ve got an existing relationship but have struggled to get in contact with them via other methods.
  • Personalised follow-ups: The art of the follow-up! It’s so important and can make a huge difference to your pipeline. Regular follow-ups that are personalised can ensure that you can maintain strong relationships with both candidates and clients even during periods when you’re incredibly busy. Video follow-ups can be an excellent buffer to use between client meetings or calls, especially if you’re working in a global market. We suggest using them in replacement for voicemails, as they can still enable you to leave a message but in a modern, more engaging way.
  • Shortlist update (for executive search): The world of executive search is continuously changing, and modern approaches such as video can make the search process for your client much more cohesive and comprehensive. 

Providing a shortlist update via video can give your client a reference point during the process, and can also be a replacement (or even addition) to an update call at different points during the search process. 

With recruitment video tools, you’ll be able to see when the client has viewed your videos. Our Talent Delivery solution includes an efficient way to track applicants via our all-in-one platform with drag ’n’ drop functionality. The client can easily drag a video to ‘interview’ or even ‘revisit.’

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In the dynamic world of recruitment, harnessing the power of video is a game-changer. From evergreen foundations to personalised outreach, it's time to revolutionise your approach. Embrace the future, connect authentically, and watch your recruitment success soar with the strategic use of video!

To harness the full potential of video in recruitment, we encourage you to explore Hinterview solutions, which provide a comprehensive toolkit for video outreach and talent delivery. Don't limit your recruitment efforts when video can revolutionise the way you engage with clients and candidates.

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