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Video Introductions will Change the way we Recruit in 2018

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Video Introductions will Change the way we Recruit in 2018

The CV has changed drastically since Da Vinci first put it on the map five-hundred years ago.

Once it reached the Fifties it had become the accepted modus for job applications and since then has failed to innovate in one very clear way.

There have certainly been developments in how we send CVs. Some of the veterans of the industry will remember those long queues by the fax machine.

Email, job boards and social media all arrived in the recruitment industry but text continued to be the central vehicle for how we market our candidates and engage with clients.

Social media may have allowed some inroads into video applications but it never bridged the gap into mainstream recruitment.


In 2018 the way we recruit will change.

We’ve already seen a shift in attitude moving through the industry. Even as little as six months ago there was a resistance to the value that video technology could offer recruitment.

Agencies are now seeing the opportunity that partnering with technology providers will grant them in a competitive market. It’s all about streamlining your business to deliver the best end service.

It’s why we’re launching the latest arm to our video software platform.


Welcome Hintro

Our latest feature equips your consultants with the ability to market bite-size videos that introduce and win new business.


Some of our clients have their consultants creating two to three of these videos each morning. They’re a minute long so it takes fifteen minutes out of their day and the ROI is evident.

Just watch the call-to-interview ratios climb.


Agencies can use these videos to share market intelligence, showcase a weekly round-up of their candidates or roles and tailor personal messages as an introduction.

You can attach it to a wider email campaign or target decision makers and specific candidates individually.

It’s a way to package your personality, your services and your USPs into a digestible sixty second video for both clients and candidates.


How Hintro is changing the game

Our attention spans have been whittled down to such a level that a well constructed email, covering letter or CV, doesn’t carry the same return by way of introduction that it may have once had.

A clever use of punctuation doesn’t deliver personality like a visual marker can. Hintro brings text to life and gives a 3D view of your clients, candidates, and yourself in an introduction.

Recruiters listen to metrics and profit lines which is why we’re seeing the volume in interest accelerating ten-fold.

It secures retained work and engages with passive candidates, or those hidden behind gatekeepers, in a way that email or cold calling can’t.


Let’s be clear, cold calling is a fundamental part of recruitment but that doesn’t mean we can’t use technology to warm those introductions.


Business has to evolve and it seems amazing that the vehicle for job applications has remained almost stagnant since the Fifties

2018 is about working smarter with technology and Hintro is a way of equipping agencies with a better way to build their networks and secure more business in their introductions.

Don’t just take our word for it… take the next few minutes to see it in action.

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