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How Technology Will Win Your Agency Retained Work in 2018

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By opening paid-when-placed recruitment up to a number of agencies you start a race to the bottom in terms of service.

When there’s a question mark hovering over payment, agencies are only going to commit to what they can afford to risk.

Contingency recruitment has its place, but if you’re looking for top talent then you need the confidence of exclusivity and the security of a retainer to deliver the best service.

Operating on a retainer allows you to work a lower volume of jobs to a much higher standard and blocks the pressures of cash flow from interfering.

It’s the professional stamp of recognition for your skills that agencies strive for.


Retained work will, however, come attached with a higher level of expectation and be measured on deliverables and accountability.

To win these contracts, you need to justify why your service offers above and beyond what the client and competition can supply.


What can you guarantee and sell on that others can’t?

Your network, track record, and technology that will improve the service for candidates and deliver better results for clients.


A lot of our customers win exclusivity, or retained work, by marketing Hinterview as a premium service. It also allows them to charge a higher rate for better results.


Hinterview is a video platform designed specifically for the recruitment industry that provides a suite of innovative tools to change how recruiters source and deliver candidates to clients.


You can demonstrate how the video platform you’re partnered with allows you to:

  • Accelerate the recruitment process by reducing the interview stages and cutting the time to hire by a two-thirds on average.


  • Deliver only credible candidates to interviews by using video screening to eliminate the wrong hires.


  • Remove the barriers of location and availability with video.


  • Review recorded candidates at their own leisure, allowing for better time management.


  • Gain a 3D view of a candidate that looks past the CV and allows you to put cultural fit, personality and skill set under the lens.


  • Increase the level of contact between yourself, the client and the candidate with a cutting edge cloud platform.


Clients will prefer to deal with a guarantee of results than play recruitment roulette on a contingency contract. You just have to provide a reason for them to choose you.


It’s not a question of if video technology will become integral to recruitment, but a question of when. The early adopters are gaining a significant advantage over their competition.


If you want to be part of that, why not see Hinterview in action for yourself and how it could help your agency scale in 2018.

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