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How Smaller Recruitment Agencies Can Compete

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Right now, 39,000 recruitment agencies are vying for attention in the UK. Scattered amongst those agencies are 115,000 people trying to secure clients and place candidates. Crazy numbers aren't they?

So, what is behind this recruitment industry explosion?

Digitisation and automation of the processes behind recruitment have made the entry easier. A lower entry point means more and more people have rushed in to join the party. It's exciting times for anyone involved, but, increased competition means smaller agencies have to work harder than ever to keep their head above water.

Here's how they can do just that!

Be Unique and Sell Your Differences

Most big firms offer their services across a broad range of industries. It’s a lot harder for these agencies to offer the same level of differentiation as smaller ones. So, this is a point of difference you need to cash in on.

You can do this by offering some unique selling points. You can do fun things like offer social events or give out ‘First Day at Work' care packages for candidates that get hired.

The points below offer ways for you to present something different, something better and something that your bigger competitors just might struggle to keep up with.

Use Size to Your Advantage

Recruitment is arguably the most personal business there is – after all, you're dealing with a candidate's hopes, dreams and livelihood. You're also trying to give your client what they need and want – the perfect employee to take their business to the next level.

Luckily, smaller agencies have an advantage in this area. Why? Because small agencies are typically more agile than larger ones. Large recruitment firms have thousands of employees and with those numbers comes a higher need for stricter and more unified processes and procedures.

Due to fewer employees’, small agencies can give their recruiters more room to move. Allowing their consultants, a higher degree of flexibility more opportunity to mould themselves to the needs of the client. Of course, the larger firms often do this too, but periodic check-ins with clients and personalised thank-you emails are more viable for the smaller guys.

This personal touch is your advantage, so hammer it home at every opportunity.

Streamline the Pipeline

Do you want to know how you keep both candidates and clients happy – you make the time between the first interview and placement as short as possible. Candidates want to get placed and start earning as soon as possible. Clients want bums in seats, not CVs on their desks.

The best way to streamline the hiring process is to find the right candidates and make sure both candidates and clients are kept in the loop. How do you do that? With the right technology.

Modernise Your Hiring Process

You can expedite your hiring process and stand out amongst the big guys by investing in video technology to screen candidates. Black and white CVs don't tell the full story. By offering Hinterview and Hintro, you can connect with candidates, check them for cultural fit and see how they respond to the big questions in real-time.

You'll have a far better understanding of who you're dealing with, you'll be able to send better candidates to your clients, and that equals a streamlined hiring process that keeps everyone happy.

No one likes a time-waster. Save time, and you'll win trust and repeat business, no matter how small your agency is.

Being a small agency in a big pond doesn't have to be all about survival. Employ these tips, and you can stake your claim and thrive in a market that is growing rapidly.

Before you know it, you might just be one of the big fish!

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