Six Recruitment Marketing Trends You Need to Implement in 2019

30th May 2019

To all the recruiters who think their jobs are getting harder. You’re not going crazy. A survey by Monster Jobs found that 62 percent of recruiters feel that their jobs have become more complicated and finding quality candidates has never been harder.


Marketing trends

The development of recruitment specific technology over the past ten years has had a massive impact on the strategy of recruitment companies. There are countless tools dedicated to helping us screen and filter candidates. Hours spent manually vetting have been replaced by handy, comprehensive forms of software, and communication with candidates has never been more streamlined.

But alas, recruiters are finding themselves on struggle street.

We believe the missing link is marketing

2019 has been dubbed ‘The Year of Marketing’ in the Recruitment Industry. With over 39,000 recruitment agencies in the UK alone, every company that hopes to remain competitive must have a strategic plan locked down. So, how does your agency hold up?

Below are our top six recruitment marketing trends that will boost your agencies profile right out of this world!

Number 1. Recruitment Candidate Relationship Management Systems (CRM)


A recruitment CRM system is a type of software designed to assist recruiters in communicating with and managing the relationships of their current and future candidates. A bulletproof and streamlined approach to candidate engagement is vital in 2019.

Attracting top talent will always be a difficult task, but back your team up with a quality CRM, and you know you’re on the right track. When choosing the right CRM system for your agency, be sure to investigate the benefits of both cloud-based and locally hosted.

Number 2. Agency Reputation and Processes


If your agency has a bad reputation, it’s unlikely that candidates will want to engage with you. We’ve all heard it before, a customer or candidate who has a bad experience is nine times more likely to mention it to someone else or leave a negative review, compared to someone who has a pleasant experience. To ensure your agency maintains a positive reputation, you need to be focusing on candidate engagement and experience.

  1. Candidate engagement: is a measurement of how well a candidate feels they are treated throughout their hiring journey. Candidate engagement is an ongoing process, that doesn’t end.
  2. Candidate experience: is defined by how the candidate perceives the entire process, including the application, experience with the recruiter, and the interview process.

Both are equally important, and both will influence a candidate and their choice to apply for positions with your agency in the future.

Number 3. Inbound & Outbound Recruiting


Most recruitment companies will be familiar with outbound recruiting, but recently, recruitment agencies are shifting their focus inwards. The two are both effective ways of attracting candidates and should be a central part of any agencies long-term strategy.

  1. Outbound: is the process of proactively reaching out to candidates. Outbound recruiting incorporates the process of searching for and contacting candidates regarding specific roles.
  2. Inbound: reaching out to candidates for jobs will always be a big part of recruitment. But recently, agencies are putting more effort into inbound recruitment. Inbound recruitment is the way you attract candidates and make them want to use your services. It includes the content you create, your online presence and your reputation.

These processes should be continuously reviewed and optimised. 

Number 4. Talent Pools


Ah, the secret weapon of many recruiters. A recruiter with a high-quality talent pool is unstoppable! Imagine that for any new role; you had a collection of top-quality candidates waiting to be chosen. A talent pool should be made up of a diverse range of candidates which could include referrals and people who have applied but missed out on original positions. Creating a talent pool won’t happen overnight; it will take time and be a constant project. So, our advice to you is to start pooling your talent, right now!

Number 5. Social Media Recruitment


Social media recruiting is by far one of the biggest trends in the recruitment industry this year. Recruiters are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to leverage brand awareness, as well as engage and interact with candidates and clients.

What once was purely a space for entertainment has transformed into one of the hottest platforms for advertising for business. In the recruitment industry, the use of social media to post positions and start a conversation with prospective candidates is incredibly powerful.

Number 6. Video

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Have you noticed the influx of recruiter videos in your social channels? We're confident the answer to that question is a big yes. Recruiters who have embraced video are having incredible success in engaging hard to reach clients and passive candidates. The world is only becoming more digitalised, and video is only going to get more popular in this space.

In addition to this, recruitment agencies need to look at their website and ways to incorporate video. Google favours video, and if your website hosts a video, you can boost your organic traffic from search engine result by a whopping 157%! A great place to start is a team video or introduction of each team member.

The future of Marketing in Recruitment

The future is looking bright. As an increased number of companies adopt video into their strategy, marketing specific tools will become more refined and advanced. At the current rate, agencies not dedicated to their marketing strategy, won’t be able to keep up.

For anyone feeling a little lost and wondering where to start, we recommend starting with video. Yes, we're biased, but honestly, video brings results, fast.


Video is the future of agency recruitment. It's revolutionising the way agencies operate and interact with clients and candidates and ultimately, how they generate new business. Hinterview allows you to record and share video interviews, engage with top candidates and introduce yourself to prospective clients without the need for endless calls and emails. We're helping our clients secure more exclusive and retained business than ever before. While at the same time, enabling recruiters to engage with their audience in an effective and personal way that previously wasn't possible.

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