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It's all an Illusion

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Who checks their social media first thing in the morning? According to IDC Research, 80% of smartphone users check their phone before they’ve brushed their teeth!

That’s some serious smelly-breath Instagram scrolling right there.

Social media related anxiety is real, and more people are being affected by this every day. A bunch of studies have found a strong correlation between high social media use and poor mental health.

Social media platforms allow people to create a ‘highlight’ reel and show off the best bits of their life. People give off the illusion that their life is perfect, and this can cause the viewers on the other end to feel their life is inadequate. The trouble is, these ‘best bits’ are often not even real!

A company in Russia is helping people create the illusion they’re living a luxury lifestyle by renting out a grounded private jet, purely for photo shoots. A two-hour photo session on the plane costs up to £185! Crazy, right?

HubSpot Video

At Hinterview we believe being authentic is more important than being perfect. We record videos all day long. Our life and our company are based around video, and we make mistakes, every day! But that’s what makes us authentic and we believe this is one of the reasons we’ve been shortlisted for the Recruitment Innovation of the Year.

We believe in mistakes, showing the ‘bad bits’ and not taking things too seriously.

My aim for this video is to push you to look at the way you portray yourself on social media. Are you showing your true self or only the pristine highlight reel? If it's the latter, it's time to get real!

Because let's admit it, we all want to see less perfect Sunday brunch photos and more failed, home-made pancakes!
Nobody is perfect, and nobody’s life is perfect, no matter what you see on camera! 

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