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Video Software for Recruitment Sounds Great… But How Do I Use it?

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Investing in recruitment technology isn’t enough.

Agencies need to educate, implement and measure its use at ground level if it’s to really deliver the returns it’s capable of.

Too many businesses introduce new technology, fail to properly adopt or understand its use and end up working at half sail with it.

Plenty go on to never see the full potential of the technology, leave it unused in the corner or have it burn a hole in their productivity by using it the wrong way.

When we deliver Hinterview to an agency there’s a dedication to aftercare and implementation that comes with the service.

As with any new tech platform, the user interface needs to be as straightforward and streamlined as possible so that even the biggest technophobes can maximise its use.

This is video software for recruiters, not videographers, after all.

We also help introduce it to your team and ensure that they are fully educated on all its features and how to capitalise on the video screening software.

Training Days:

Recruiters aren’t actors and despite being gifted with silver tongues, you’ll be surprised how difficult some people find it to perform in front of the camera.

One of the unique features of Hinterview is the opportunity for recruiters to record short video introductions called Hintros, and attach them to e-shots or inmails to win new business.

It’s a great tool for business development and an unassuming entrance into a busy clients schedule, but it requires you to package yourself into a minute or so video.

Your recruiters will benefit hugely from some simple tips and training to aid them through recording.

  • Having a loose script to hand.
  • Be conversational but succinct with your points.
  • Engage with the audience behind the camera.
  • Sell your agency, USPs and most importantly, your personality.

That said, the biggest benefit of recording Hintros is the ability to edit them and package yourself for clients once your happy with the result.

The more you practice something the better you become at it, which is why you need to track, measure and review the continued use of technology within your agency.

Great technology will always come backed by first line support like Hinterview.

If you’re interested – see it in action for yourself…


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