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How Craft Beer, Da Vinci and Gaming Changed Recruitment

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Despite being over 500 years old and written to win the attention of a regent, the first official CV still carries a message for today’s job seekers and recruiters.

How to arm a chariot or drain a trench might not be as important, but how Da Vinci markets himself is still as relevant today as it was in 1482.

  • Talk about what you can deliver to clients and in the role itself and avoid reeling off a list of past accomplishments.
  • Showcase your abilities in an engaging way that clients can digest.
For today’s recruiters, half the battle is securing facetime with clients and candidates in a way that’s time effective and gives a deeper insight.

Does a phone call and a CV really introduce a candidate to a client, or give candidates the best chance?

CVs Aren’t Enough

Back in 2014, a graphic and digital designer called Brennan Gleason realised that standard CVs just don’t cut it in a crowded market.

He knew that people like beer, and businesses like creative innovation. So he put the two together and shared his CV across the packaging of some home brew.

It earnt him viral status as an innovator and more importantly, a job with Techtone, one of the three desired employers he delivered the beer to.

  • Find the right vehicle to get your work in front of clients in a busy market.

Arguably the most innovative CV in recent years came from Robby Leonardi who built a website to showcase his portfolio through a platform game.

An interactive journey through his Super Mario esque world that revealed his experience, skill set and an immersive example as you scrolled.

  • Keep hiring managers engaged long enough to sell your candidates


We can’t put your face on beer bottles or build an interactive game, but we can package your candidates in a more attractive and insightful way that’s going to provide a better screening experience for everyone.

  • Coach, record and edit two-way candidate interviews to package for clients.
  • Deliver gift wrapped in a cloud-based platform for clients to access at their convenience.
  • Accompany with a CV, portfolio or introductory message in a split view.
  • Accelerate the recruitment process by removing the need for preliminary interviews.

If you’re interested in saving time and making more as an agency, see Hinterview in action for yourself.


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