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Hinterview now  integrates with Bullhorn Analytics

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Hinterview insights are now a part of Bullhorn Analytics' real-time, automated data dashboard, empowering users to see key metrics related to using advanced video interviewing & engagement software.

Mutual customers of Bullhorn Analytics and Hinterview can leverage the total value of their video interviewing and engagement platform by understanding and improving the impact it has on business objectives.

Bullhorn Analytics 3-1

Powered by Bullhorn Analytics, customers will be able to see, understand and improve upon key metrics related to Hinterview usage such as:

● Understand the Hinterview activity levels for consultants and teams, including conversion rates from invitation to completion.
● Measure and compare adoption and usage of Hinterview across your people and teams.
● Spot opportunities in your recruiting workflow where video interviewing can improve interview efficiency.

Hinterview metric overview

Customers can now explore the following analytics to improve the impact on the business objectives.

Total Hinterview Usage - This metric looks at all of the Hinterview usage logged in Bullhorn.

Hintros Recorded - When a Hintro has been recorded and sent by a user, a Hintro Recorded note will
be logged in Bullhorn.

Question Campaigns Sent - When a Questions Campaign is sent to a candidate, the Question Campaign Sent
note type is added to the candidate record.

Hintro Campaigns Sent - When a recruiter creates a marketing campaign in Hinterview and sends a video of
themselves to candidates or client contacts.

Hinterviews Completed - When a candidate has a Hinterview with a recruiter, the Hinterview Complete note
is logged against the candidate.

Position Status Changes - If a candidate is sent to a client via Hinterview’s Manager Portal and assigned to a
job, when the client gives feedback on a candidate’s position status, a Position Status Changed note is logged against the candidate and references the job.

Candidates With Hinterview Activity - Shows all candidates that have any Hinterview activity logged against them in

Clients With Hinterview Activity - Shows all clients that have any Hinterview activity logged against them in Bullhorn.

Hinterview Questions Answered - When a candidate completes a Question Campaign, a Hinterview Questions
Answered note is logged against the candidate.


"Proud to announce a further deepening of the Hinterview x Bullhorn holy trinity partnership. In my previous life, we built Hinterview whilst we were active recruiters & customers of Bullhorn, so it was built, subconsciously, with this in mind." - Andy Simpson, Co-founder of Hinterview.



Learn more about our partnership with Bullhorn below. 

Hinterview x Bullhorn

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