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Are you a Recruiter With a Bad Rep?

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In the past recruiters were notorious for being unreachable, unresponsive and unruly in their recruiting process. Due to an abundance of job vacancies and high unemployment rates, recruiters found themselves inundated with candidates desperately seeking employment.

But this is no longer the case. There is a revolution occurring in the recruitment industry! We're experiencing a candidate-driven market, and this has encouraged recruiters to change up their recruiting style by putting more focus on accommodating the needs of their clients and candidates, than ever before.

Recruiters are prioritising candidate engagement and candidate experience. They are offering premium, value-added services, to ensure they're gaining a better understanding of their client's needs and providing top-notch recruitment services.

The team at Hinterview are tired of the recruiter stereotype. And, we're not about to sit back and let this outdated opinion influence the choices of candidates and clients, any longer.

Recruiters, we have your back!

We've developed a solution that lets you get your personality and capabilities across to your candidates and clients from the very first interaction. A tool you can use to destroy the lousy recruiter stereotype for good! You might like to call us your Hinterview heroes...


Video allows you to break through the noise and effectively gain the attention of your desired candidates and clients. Gone are the days of sending email after email, only to be ignored, thanks to an incredibly sticky stereotype!

Below are the three things our clients say are helping them to rewrite the recruiter reputation!

1. Trust

How do you gain the trust of someone who you don't know through a cold email? The truth is, people manage to do it every day, but it's hard work, and it's time-consuming.

The average cold email response rate is only 1%. For every 100 people you email, you're only getting through to 1! We don't know about you, but we don't like those odds.

By incorporating video in your LinkedIn messages, you can increase your engagement by 300%. It might seem obvious, but it's much easier to gain someone's trust if they're opening your emails. Video allows you to build familiarity and confidence from the very first interaction.

2. Rapport

Now that you have their trust, it's time to make them like you! Hintro is our one-way video introduction/sharing tool. Recruiters are using Hintro to break through the noise and grab clients, as well as candidates' attention. With video, you can pull back the curtain and let the best parts of you shine.

"Having just sent out 3 Hintros, we've already received interest and arranged meetings with clients we've been attempting to get hold of since the new year"             - Seneca Bridge 

When you introduce yourself via video, you can show your audience what makes you different. The viewer on the other end can see for themselves why you don't fit the 'recruiter stereotype'. Plus, you can create an incredibly memorable first impression.

Be sure to let your personality flow through naturally. We find the recruiters who are themselves, steer clear of anything overly scripted and have fun with Hintro have the most success.

 Josh Hintro

3. Communication

A picture says a thousand words, and a two-minute video says 1.8 million words. The more your client or candidates take in of what you're saying, the better for your reputation! Have you ever made (what you thought was) a hilarious joke, in written form, only for it to go over the head of the receiver of the joke? And everyone's left feeling a little uncomfortable?

Yeh, us too.

Video fixes that problem. With video you can use tone, facial expressions and laughter to make your message clearer. A once awkward written joke becomes friendly and endearing when spoken aloud.

4. Understanding 

The better you understand your clients and candidate's needs, the easier it is for you to deliver what they want. A lot of the cause of the negative reputation that's been plaguing recruiters for way too long is due to poor communication.

Think about a time when an ideal candidate dropped out last minute, just because they were a little bit flaky. No matter how much you explain to the client that you did everything right, the client stops responding and loses trust. Frustrating, we know!

With video, you have a tangible trail of evidence that you can show your client. You can send them your video-interview which showcases your skills and recruiting abilities. It's an easy and effective way to demonstrate your capabilities and remove any communication barriers.

Ellie Palmer Thumbnail

There's no denying that video has the potential to take your business to the next level, but for this to happen, everyone on the team needs to dive in deep! Yes, the first video you record will be scary, yes, you'll make mistakes, and yes, you'll feel a little uncomfortable.

But the benefits that are to come are worth it, trust us! 

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