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3 Steps to Structure Your Video Introductions

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A step by step guide to creating the perfect video introduction,

the likes of which will leave your candidates dazzled! 


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1. Introduction

More like Hintroduction... 😏


K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid!), tell your viewer who you are and what you specialise in, simple! Grab your viewers attention immediately by personalising your message!


"Hi Freddie, I'm Andy and I specialise in Business Development roles in London."   

2. Hook

Bait your hook, its time to lure the metaphorical 40 lb'er of a client or candidate!

With video, you'll make all other recruiters look like a fish out of water!


The beauty of recording a video intro is the speed. You want to get to the point fast so not to lose the attention of your viewer. It needs to be catchy, not waffley! 


"I'm working on a BDE position that would really suit your background! Have you ever considered a role in Tech Sales on the back of your recruitment experience?" 


3. Call to action!

By now, you've treated the viewer to an Oscar worthy video. It's about time they did something for themselves!

BUT, they may still need a bit of guidance! 

Luckily recruitment isn't like your ex girlfriend, so you will be forgiven for asking your candidate to get in touch with you!


Give clear, simple instructions.


"Give me a call back on the number below!" "Drop me a message back and we can grab coffee!" 


et voila! You've immortalised yourself in the video introduction hall of fame!


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