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3 Steps to an Amazing Video Introduction

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Video is fast becoming the most engaging form of social media.

Indeed, Hubspot reckon that 84% of all internet traffic will be videos by 2022.

It’s therefore only natural that you find yourself on this page, having made the sensible decision to use video as the medium to introduce yourself!

The good people at Hinterview have filmed and put together this short article to help you get the very most from your video introductions!


HubSpot Video


We’ve broken the process down into 3 steps:

 1. Script

Scripts often make you come across very monotone and flat.

If you would like some form of a prompt, we recommend using bullet points, just to give you a psychological nudge.

Most importantly, allow yourself to be natural.

People buy from people.

The more natural you are, the more wins you will see!

2. Personality

Your first recording may seem a little unnatural, but just like your first sales phone call, it will soon become the norm!

Tone of voice is very important.

Where possible try to avoid an uninteresting monotone voice.

Keep nice and relaxed and let your voice do the rest of the work.

Most importantly, be yourself!

3. Time

The modern day attention span is incredibly short.

It’s essential to acknowledge this and keep your video introductions short and to the point.

We recommend nothing longer than 90 seconds!


I want to see the full package...

At Hinterveiw, we're good at two things; videos and modesty.

So, check out a shining example of an excellent video introduction or "Hintro" as we call it... by clicking the thumbnail below!








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