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Expert Marketing Support

Benefit from our marketing expertise

Our in-house marketing team will provide support every step of the way, from planning your promotional strategy to providing bespoke marketing collateral. 

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Marketing support
Developing your strategy

We'll work with you on providing tips and advice for promotion

Promoting productization

We'll provide marketing collateral to promote productization of your service

Standing out from the crowd

We'll provide bespoke marketing videos to help break through the noise and stand out

Marketing collateral

We have an expert in-house marketing team who will support you with strategies to promote your new tool. We’ll provide bespoke videos and collateral with your branding on (or you can create your own in Hintro), and give you tips and tricks on how to get the word out there to win new clients and candidates.

We work with thousands of recruiters using our tool to win more business, so we know what works. It’s our job to make sure you get the best out of Hinterview.

Hinterview Video Platform

"Fantastic and super easy to use. The customer service and training has been exceptional from the start. It's been a great feature to really add value to our clients, helping them to save time and money in the full candidate journey."

PRG Recruit

"Amazing system which offers so many benefits not only to recruiters but also applicants and clients too."

Tate Recruitment

"We've used Hinterview as part of our recruitment process for over a year now and our clients love it! I can't imagine a world of recruitment without Hinterview... and I can't imagine working with another video interview company. Their product and service is faultless!"

Zetter Recruitment

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