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6 top tips for managing high candidate volumes efficiently

11th September 2020
We all saw THAT article from the BBC where one job received almost 1,000 applicants in one day. With so many qualified candidates out there looking for roles, how can[…]
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11 top tips to transform your business development with video

25th August 2020
Back in the office and in need of some winning ideas to kickstart your BD? Look no further. Here are 11 ways you can take your BD to the next level – all of which can be[…]
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3 things we learned from crowdfunding

18th August 2020
In a world where remote is now the norm, our video interviewing software has the chance to become one of the few growth stories of COVID-19.
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Remote Working: Coronavirus or just 2020?

11th March 2020
Due to recent global health concerns, companies all over the world are implementing work from home and remote working policies.
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