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Increase Placements & Improve Productivity - with the right CRM system

23rd May 2019
We get excited about a lot of things here at Hinterview. Candidate Relationship Management Systems might not be one of these excitement igniters, but they are important.

Job Hunting While You Have a Job? We Can Help.

16th May 2019
Finding a new job is stressful. Finding a new job while you're currently employed can feel near impossible.
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Are you a Recruiter With a Bad Rep?

9th May 2019
In the past recruiters were notorious for being unreachable, unresponsive and unruly in their recruiting process. Due to an abundance of job vacancies and high[…]

Candidate experience - More than just an HR buzz word

1st May 2019
Recruitment agencies often get a seemingly bad ‘rep’. You only need to type ‘recruitment agencies are….’ into Google, and myriad negative responses will come up. (I will[…]
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Staking Your Claim – How Smaller Recruitment Agencies Can Compete with The Big Guys

15th April 2019
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Getting Ranked in 2019: Video and SEO

9th April 2019
Like every other industry, any recruitment company worth its salt will be focused on increasing their online visibility. There are several ways you can do this, but SEO[…]
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It's all an Illusion

25th March 2019
Who checks their social media first thing in the morning? According to IDC Research, 80% of smartphone users check their phone before they’ve brushed their teeth! That’s[…]
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The Follow Up Email That Will Get You the Deal

25th March 2019
Ah, the dreaded follow up email. You've just had an exciting phone call with a potential client. You've made a great impression – because let's face it, you're great.[…]
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Get 800% More Engagement on Your Job Ads

14th March 2019
Traditional written job ads won't get you the engagement levels you want. Why? Because it's 2019, and the world loves video.  

The Easiest Ways to Measure the ROI of Video Interview!

8th March 2019
Are you wondering if the use of video interview software will save time, make money and increase conversion rates? The short answer – yes. The long answer - yes, why[…]
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