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How has Hinterview impacted business at MM search?

3rd July 2020
About MM Search and Hinterview’s partnership MM Search have been working with Hinterview for over 2 years, and they have had great success using the platform. We asked[…]
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...and we're off! Hinterview's Crowdfunding campaign is now live (in private mode)

2nd July 2020
At 9:00 on Wednesday 1st July, Hinterview's crowdfunding campaign went live! Despite a few teething problems (these things are never as simple as they seem!), our first[…]

Hinterview: where did it all begin, and what does the future look like?

25th June 2020
This week, Hinterview Co-Founders Andy and Rich announced the launch of our crowdfunding campaign, which will help the recruitment and talent community become part-owner[…]
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Hinterview announces crowdfunding campaign - but how does it work?

23rd June 2020
How will Hinterview's crowdfunding work? At 09:00 on Wednesday July 1st, Hinterview will launch a Crowdfunding phase in PRIVATE mode, via Crowdcube, the UK's leading[…]
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Hired over video - my experience as a candidate

8th June 2020
If you told me that in June 2020, I would be starting a new job having never met anyone at the company, I wouldn’t have believed you. Back in April, I returned to the UK[…]
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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

6th May 2020
Long before COVID-19, video interviewing was pushing its way to the forefront of the recruitment process. However, with the world going into lockdown, that ‘push’ has[…]

COVID-19: A Letter From The Hinterview Founders

18th March 2020
To our friends in recruitment,

Remote Working: Coronavirus or just 2020?

11th March 2020
Due to recent global health concerns, companies all over the world are implementing work from home and remote working policies.

Is a CSR strategy really that important?

26th February 2020
The days of running a business solely for profit are behind us and if you haven’t tapped into the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) now is the time to[…]

2020: The Era of the Agency Apocalypse!! Cool your jets, we’ve been here before…

23rd January 2020
How many times has the recruitment agency apocalypse been predicted at this stage? Three? Four? The internet, job boards, LinkedIn & more recently, AI bots were all[…]
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