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Job Hunting While You Have a Job? We Can Help.

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Finding a new job is stressful. Finding a new job while you're currently employed can feel near impossible.

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Nights are spent feverishly applying for positions, lunch breaks consist of scrolling job boards, and toilet breaks are used to frantically listen to the voicemails of the missed calls you've been muting all morning. Then, you finally get an interview, but of course, it's during work hours, and chances are you're going to need to book holiday to attend.

Okay, take a breath.

We feel your frustration.

We've heard countless stories about job hunting taking a severe toll on mental health. Applying for positions and attending interviews will always be tough. There's rejection, competition, overthinking and the endless questioning of everything you said. Yuck!

Seventy-three percent of job seekers say that looking for a job is stressful. Honestly, we thought this number would be higher. If you're in the Twenty-seven percent who aren't tongue twisted or getting sweaty palms during your interview, teach us your zen ways!

So, although we can't fix all interview tribulations, we can help to reduce the stress that comes with the application process. Hinterview is a video-engagement platform that recruiters use for video-interviewing purposes and as a way to present candidates to their clients more efficiently.

So, how does it work?

Firstly, when you're applying for jobs, look out for agencies who use video. The company's social media channels and website will give you a good indication that they're the video heroes you're looking for. If they're not using video, feel free to drop them our name. (Like what we did there?)

Hinterview has two features, both of which streamline the hiring process by eliminating geographical boundaries, alleviating scheduling issues and cutting out unnecessary first stage interviews.

The first is a two-way video interview that takes place between the candidate and the recruiter. You can do this from the comfort of your own home, outside work hours. The recruiter can save the five-minute recording, and with your consent, send it to any hiring manager with a suitable role. No more lengthy job applications and tedious cover letters. Yes, please!

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The second feature is called Hintro. This is the one-way video introduction tool the recruiter can use to introduce you and your skill set to hiring managers, on your behalf. Recruiters often struggle with getting candidates in front of hiring managers based on a CV alone. Why? Because skills written in black and white are hard to differentiate.

How much more engaging do you think it would be to introduce a candidate and their abilities through a 30-second personalised video? Well, the stats are in, and it turns out it is significantly more engaging. Hiring managers are 300% more likely to open an email if it contains a video.

Both features get you, the candidate, in front of the hiring manager faster, and both present you and your capabilities in a far richer context. Therefore, significantly increasing your chance of a successful placement. High five to that! 

High Five

The great news is, more and more agencies are implementing video into their strategy, ultimately making the life of the job seeker far easier. Soon, video-engagement technology in recruitment will be the norm, and everyone will look back on the elaborate excuses they made to get out of work and laugh!

So yes, video has the power to lessen the burden of your job search notably, but you still need to get through the interview. The great thing about the video interview is that it's far less nerve-racking than showing up at an unfamiliar office. You're in your own space, and you don't need to spend 20 minutes panicking as you try to find the office. We've all been there!

Just like with any interview, preparing and doing your research will help with any associated anxiety. Make sure you always research the company's background, values and vision. Hiring managers will often ask questions based on these topics and having a general understanding will prepare you for any curve balls.

Most of all, stay positive. If you're struggling with this, try to reduce the importance of the interview in your mind. No matter how much you want a particular role, there will always be more opportunities and chances to land your dream job!

Good luck with your job hunt!

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