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About Us

Where did it all begin?

The Hinterview Story

In 2013, Andy & Rich, our co-founders, launched a recruitment business, and made two bets:

1) video would soon change the way we communicate with each other forever, and

2) remote working would gather pace and become the rule rather than the exception within ten years.

Both bets look certain to come in.

The CV is a blunt tool - out of date & unchanged in 100 years. The foundation of Hinterview is to provide a best-in-class video platform, optimised for recruitment & interviewing.

A category existed under the ‘video interviewing’ title, but an obsession with automation and disintermediation meant that these companies lost sight of a key truth – that good recruiting is about good story-telling, and that robots don’t tell very good stories.

To flourish in the new normal, we knew that recruiters must focus on the part of the process that the robot can never do - the human to human bit.

After unsuccessfully trying every product out there, out of sheer frustration they built their own prototype in 2015, and Hinterview was born.

Andy & Richard

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