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that could change the future of your agency.
That’s all it takes to learn more about the ground-breaking new video recruitment platform that could shape the future of your agency for years to come.

What is Hinterview?

Hinterview is a ground-breaking video-enabled recruitment platform. Our suite of tools provides your agency with the ability to generate amazing returns by cutting down the recruitment-to-hire ratio for clients by over 70%.


World-class video tools for professional recruiters.

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  • 2017 is Video Recruitment

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win more
Win more
Secure more exclusive and retained business
than ever before
charge more
Earn more
Offering a more comprehensive recruitment solution means it’s easier to justify higher fees
deliver more
Deliver more
The overall quality of service offered to the end client is markedly improved through the use of video

How it works

  • Step 1

    The client provides you with a job spec and anywhere between 5 and 10 custom questions they would like you to ask each candidate

  • Step 2

    As part of your resourcing process, you invite candidates to join you on a short, two-way video call and record them answering the client’s most important questions

  • Step 3

    The Hinterviews and CVs are automatically stored in the client’s secure online portal in Hinterview

  • Step 4

    Your client can easily log in and view the videos, alongside each CV, and cherry-pick the best candidates to bring in for a formal interview

  • Step 5

    Your client cuts down the amount of time he/she spends interviewing on average by 70%, because of the service you have delivered.

Hinterview's features

Video is the future of agency recruitment..

and Hinterview is the worlds fastest growing platform designed with agencies in mind. Use our ground-breaking suite of tools to lead your sector and generate better yield than ever before.

Not ready to commit?

Contact the Hinterview team on 0203 6218082 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.